fresh fruit

carved melon+cantaloupe | pineapple | berries+grapes | mint+lime

yogurt parfait

greek yogurt | quinoa granola [gf] | fresh berries | mv raw honey

breakfast sandwich

griddled bagel | avocado | sliced tomato | bacon | vermont cheddar | farm egg

buttermilk pancakes

blueberry jam | goat cheese mousse | vermont maple

overnight oats

oat milk | blueberries | coconut | banana chips | chia seeds

super food

acai | greek yogurt | ripe banana | quinoa granola [gf] | flax seeds

steel cut oats

maple walnuts | brown sugar | dried fruit

sweet potato burrito

scrambled egg | black beans | avocado+scallion | cotija whole wheat tortilla

the traditional

eggs your way | bacon or sausage | fingerling potato hash | choice of toast

corned beef hash

marble rye+swiss grilled cheese | hollandaise | poached egg

pb+j french toast

peanut butter+ jelly stuffed | red grapes | crushed peanuts

multigrain toast

smashed avocado | breakfast radish | pea shoots | aleppo | poached egg

eggs benedict

poached eggs | house english muffin | hollandaise | fingerling potato hash

on the side

fruit cup | sliced avocado | smoked salmon | applewood smoked bacon | breakfast sausage | fingerling potato hash | english muffin or toast | griddled muffin | toasted bagel+cream cheese | croissant

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.